On 1st January 2021 the UK left the EU Customs Union and Single Market.

The UK now enjoys a zero tariffs, zero quotas relationship with the EU as an independent trading nation. Following the signing of the UK – EU Free Trade Agreement, new rules came into effect for businesses. Use the links below to find out how new Brexit rules apply to things like travel and doing business with Europe.

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Changes to Import/Export Customs Processes 2022

A range of new requirements are coming into force during 2022. Most of these changes relate to the Brexit process as new rules and procedures are being phased in over time. However, there are some changes, such as the regular 5 year review of HS Codes, which are unrelated to the Brexit process, that businesses should be aware of. Use the links below to check how these changes affect your business.

Delayed customs declarations ended

Food and Drink Sector Changes

Rules of Origin

GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service)

Changes to HS Codes (goods classification)