Case Studies & Testimonials

The first Peer Networks programme ran from September 2020 to March 2021 and was highly successful, which led to the programme being extended from April 2021 to March 2022. Below are just a few quotes and testimonials from individuals who took part in the first programme.


Fusion Brasserie, Worcestershire.

“I found the support offered through the programme extremely helpful. It is one of the best things I’ve done in years and, if it is running again, I will take part!”

Daniel Walton - Olpro, Worcestershire.

“I was definitely sceptical of Peer to Peer networking but really enjoyed getting to chat openly with other company founders and senior managers about problems we found in business. It made for solutions we would not have found otherwise.”

Worcester Whitehouse Hotel.

“The sessions were far better than I had anticipated, facilitated really well, and relevant to this business. They were informative and it was a great way to speak to others in a similar industry and share experiences.”

John McGregor – M3 Consulting, Telford.

“I was apprehensive at first, and unconvinced that I would have anything in common with other local businesses, let alone have anything of value to offer them from my own experiences but I was swiftly disabused of this from the first session when I encountered not only businesses like my own, but a lot of the same problems and issues – and it felt really good to be able to swap experiences and offer each other advice. The programme has provided a chance to step outside of the day-to-day running of M3 and consider the organisation as a business – what it needs, where it’s going, how my own personal plans and the company’s need to complement each other. Looking at my business like this was actually something that was long overdue but possibly something I may not have started to work on properly without Peer Networks. In addition, the networking opportunities and advice and input from my colleagues in the group have been absolutely invaluable.”

Ruth Martin – Martin & Jones Marketing, Oswestry.

“I joined the scheme because I wanted to take on two new members of staff. We work remotely and I wanted some ideas about how to make sure they understood the company’s culture and how to develop targets for them. My colleagues on the group come from a wide range of businesses and their insight and knowledge was invaluable. They were able to help me come up with a definitive set of values for the company, a ‘rules of the game’ statement and some probing questions for the interviews. It was a massive help in the recruitment process. In return, I was able to share some of my marketing expertise with the group and give them tips and advice for their own businesses.”

Roy James, Managing Director - RJ Joinery & Equestrian Services, of Hay-on-Wye.

“I have met - albeit virtually - members of the group and I feel we have each helped one another equally. I have gained ideas from an outsider’s perspective - sometimes you can be too close to your own company to see the bigger picture. The one-to-one meeting has encouraged me to look at my business’s performance in perhaps a different way. It was also pleasantly reassuring to find that I run some aspects of my business better than I realised when listening to other businesses. I would certainly recommend the whole process. It has been beneficial and given me a new outlook on things, not only what my immediate focuses should be.”

A&M EDM, Smethwick.

“I enjoyed the Friday P2P sessions which were always valuable and made me reflect on aspects of our business such as marketing, and why we do what we do. There was always something to learn and it was convenient as an online meeting, we saved time that we would normally have spent travelling to and from the meeting venue.”

Chris Gregory - Heartflood Ltd, Knowle.

"What was useful was being able to compare some shared frustrations but also some really positive stories and inspirational interaction. What sat behind it was expert 1:1 business coaching which changed my thinking and was very beneficial."